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Rodrigo Esch
UX Lead at Oi
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Oi Mod.

The new pre-paid by Oi. Choice in the users hands.


The telecom sector is not piece of cake. Users are always mad with companies (the majority of the times with a good reason), and the mindset that endures across the leading players still is very much offline. 

At Oi, the digital transformation began in 2016, bringing design thinking, service design, UX technology and agile to a leading corporate role. A new mindset was needed, and it was crucial to think about new ways to bring value to customers.

Oi Mod.

My Role

As the UX Lead responsible for the Innovation products, we started a long and important journey, first understanding what our users really needed and later building something that could have a positive impact in their lifes. Our process was a mix of design thinking tools and a customized UX flow of idea generation and rapid tests and validation.

Main Pillars

The product must fit my needs, and change, if I want it.
It should reflect my usage and personality.
I have to find help when I need it. And quick.

"They are always pushing something down my throat".

Customer talking about telecom services.

Oi Mod.

Discovery and Research

At the very beginning of Oi digital transformation, we did users interviews to map our personas. These personas shows users pains and needs, and this material made very clear some market opportunities to the business, like the state of pre-paid plans in Brazil and the bad customer service the leading telecom players provide to them. 

Luca, one of our personas, needs flexibility and customization. He wants to be in control and not want to be pushed to acquire anything he doesn't need to. 

Our main pillars speak directly to him. The product must speak to his needs too.

Oi Mod.


A multidisciplinar team meeting for 1 week was responsible for generate ideas and discuss theses ideas. We held several service design workshops to help to define the user flows, key features and the product roadmap.

Oi Mod.

Concepts, IA and tests.

We started to design some wireframes and we even made a high end prototype with Framer to test with users later. This part of the process took some weeks, because we were finding how to present crucial functionalities to users, like a shopping cart, in which you could buy internet or voice separately and later exchange between them. We made a lot of options and discussed these ideas with other designers and business people in design critique sessions.

Oi Mod.

Brand Definitions

Before we began the visual design phase, we study the brand guidelines of Oi and made an effort to extract what attributes would fit the product personality. We also did benchmarks and established a visual language collecting several market references. We called this exercise "brand vision board".

Oi Mod.

Visual Design 

Once the visual language strategy was defined, working on the visuals the look & feel began to appear. Refine and validate the key elements like the sliders and the informational cards was always a priority.

Oi Mod.

The Launch

The product launched in 3 different states first, and then opened to all country after 3 months.

Oi Mod.


Pre-paid plans are known for lacking transparency. Users like our persona needs clarity and control. The app must be provide clear and concise in information. 

The exchange data for voice functionality later was implemented in Oi Livre, another pre-paid plan.

Oi Mod.

Buy Only What You Want

Different to all carrier plans in Brazil, in Oi Mod users can buy only data if they want it. They can customize their plans as they want it, and buy more data or voice anytime they need, quick and easy, paying inside the app.

Oi Mod.

Usage Control

Pre-paid plans are not clear of how you spend your money. Oi Mod have a detailed history of payments and plan usage.

Oi Mod.

Customer Support By Chat

No need to call the customer support. Oi Mod have a chat that can solve all major issues regarding your account.

Oi Mod.

More Testing

After the launch, we made more tests with users, helping we refine the product. 

The photo on the left shows the fifth user test we ran in this project. We plan to do more every 3 months to generate more ideas and improvements.

Where You Can Find It

The app can be found on Google Play. iOS version and other important features coming soon.

Key Learnings and Takeaways

I love this project. It provides something that users really want, and help the telecom market think outside the box of limited plans and complex terms of use. 

I was there since the beginning, when we start to ideate the concepts and functionalities. We create the swtich data for voice slider, and later another product inside the company start to implement as well with huge sucess. See the TV Ad. You can feel the impact Oi Mod has inside and outside the company.

It is, until this day, a daily challenge when it comes to technical and business constraints, but we prove it that with focus on users needs we can innovate and bring real value to costumers disrupting the market.

Dear Rodrigo Esch,