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Rodrigo Esch
UX Lead at Oi
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Oi is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Brazil. This giant is facing financial and technical challenges, specially when it comes to increase revenue and reducing operational costs.

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My Role

As the UX Lead responsible for innovation and automation products, along with the business teams, we created a product in the beginning of 2017 that is regarded as the most successfull digital initiative since Oi began its digital transformation in middle 2016 (the same time I joined the company).

My job was, and still is, to lead the squad to achieve with great user experience, one very simple business goal: reducing calls from customers giving them the power to solve problems without the hassle that is talk to a call center operator.

The Challenge

"If you solve my slow internet, I buy you a beer".

Customer quote from one of our user interviews.

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The Challenge

Meet user needs, business goals and technical constraints is one of the main challenges UX professionals face on a daily basis. At Oi, our job was even more challenging because the company has a high level of technical limits.  When the project began, the state of IT and development was even more obscure.

We had to gather a deep level of understanding of how the process was held at the time, both in technical and operational worlds. As we can see in the image below (that shows how the call center solution problem flow was structured) the level of complexity was high.

How we made that simple and efficient to users?

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UX Process

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Based on knowledge we already have about our users, we focus our efforts on some personas that were deeply identified with technical issues. These personas helped us to concentrate our strategy in helping to solve their most important needs and pain points.

They represent a significant share of our users. Users that want to solve problems by themselves with minimum effort and no stress

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User Journey

Based on our personas and the knowledge we gathered from our research made to understand the customer service support flow, we mapped the user journeys. These journeys were incredible real, as they show how calling the customer support is a stressful experience, and helped us to make important decisions.

  • We learned that 60% of all the customers problems were related to issues like regional technical failures and lack of payment. If we could provide a easy scan of possible reasons to lack of internet connection or lack of phone signal right ate the beginning of the user experience, we could avoid 60% of customer service calls.

  • We knew that 40% of calls could be avoided if the customer could reset their own broadband modem. Many users don't know that a bad/slow connection or completely absence of it could be solved with a simple modem reset. We could provide hat functionality inside the app, reducing more calls.

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Sketches and Flows

With a clear user journey in mind, when we started to think about the overall app experience, we defined the 3 steps of any technical solution flow:

  1. First step: the app will scan any Local related issue that could be the reason for the service being offline. Possible playment problems will be checked as well.

  2. Second step: modem reset (when it comes to broadband issues). This would be quickly and easy.

  3. If none of the previous efforts solves the problem, the user could pass through a step-by-step troubleshooting, being guided to check connections and physical issues at the equipment with clear illustrations and instructions.

  4. If the issue persists, the customer will be redirected to a chat, in which he/she could be talk to a customer service operator that already knows about the user flow, saving the customer to pass through all the steps again. And then, a visit from a technician would be scheduled.

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Bringing the sketches to Axure, we started to define information areas, interaction patterns and possible flow adjustments. Some flow parts were more challenging, like the troubleshooting, that presents several steps. We did our best to make the user experience as fluid as possible.

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We worked on the visual design making the interface clean and simple, applying the Oi brand guidelines. At this process stage, we started to document the flows as well, generating screenflows to help us see the whole scope of the app.

Later with began to introduce elements such as cards, specially when presenting the types of problems that users can find solutions like slow broadband connection, black screen TV and others, as well as useful tools such as wifi network password changer and Wifi analyser.

Técnico Virtual App.
Técnico Virtual App.


During 2 days, we tested the prototype with 6 different users, all of them being responsible to ask for telecom support related issues in their homes. We generated a detailed document with all the findings.

A lot of these findings impacted the Product Owner's backlog and roadmap.

And then...

The app was published in the beginning of 2017 covering phone and broadband issues. Now it covers TV related problems too.

Download: iOS / Android

Key Learnings and Takeaways

This project was a real challenge and it still is to this day, facing a lot of technical limits and UX puzzles. Sometimes was really hard to discover how to find a simpler way to help different types of users with different digital skills to solve specific technical problems without talk to anyone. But the high user ratings and impact at the business proves we are at the right path. :)

The impact in customer satisfaction and business goals

3 Million
Downloads with
great user feedback
Customer problems
solved without a call
Reais (R$) in company
call center costs savings
Avoided customer service calls

Dear Rodrigo Esch,